The ultimate clutter free OOH media



Outdoor’s most convenient hoarding!

A monopole is a hoarding rested on One pole made of iron and cement and is appealing to the eye due to its uncluttered structure. A monopole at a good location (on a main road or a major highway) can garner more attention than any other media.


HCS group currently owns 45 monopoles across the country.



Some more impressive advantages of billboards are:


Optimum Space

Due to space constraints, monopoles have a better appearance than traditional billboards,

Lower rental cost

Smaller installation area gives way to lower rental costs.

Long Service life

A monopole is more reliable under extreme conditions and comes with a long service life.


A monopole offers greater flexibility in design. and is aesthetically pleasing.

Metro Cities

Suitable for heavily populated and congested areas like metropolitan cities.


Installation of monopoles is 3-4 fasters due to lesser number of fittings.